Request to increase functions timeout for long running API processes (2)

Hey support, my team is looking to increase the timeout to 28 seconds since we have long running API requests happening in the them. Could you make that change for us?

hiya, which site is this concerning? the API ID is safe to share publicly. I can check if this is possible.

Hey Perry. Thanks for the quick response. This is for 932406a4-f337-45a9-a289-c7ea58582aad

howdy @cakemountain,

i checked your account/site for you, and while we can’t bump you to 28 seconds, we can do a 26 second bump (anything higher than that runs the risk of having the proxy connection close before anything is returned, making things unreliable, so we don’t offer it.)

The pre-requisite for a 26 sec function timeout is that you upgraded to level 1 functions - as soon as you’ve done that, let us know and we can pull a lever for you and get you going!