Request to extend SSL cert to subdomain

I’m trying to set up a branch deploy without Netlify DNS (since it’s a .ca domain) by following these instructions. I’ve successfully setup the deploy and configured the DNS record, I just need to get the SSL certificate extended to cover the subdomain Any help would be appreciated!

Netlify site:
Branch name: develop

Hi, @calebissharp. Thanks for reading that support guide and having the DNS record required ready to go as described in the support guide.

Because all the requirements were met, I was able to add this branch subdomain to the SSL certificate.
The SSL is working for that branch subdomain now.

Note, this needs to be done again for any other branch subdomains added in the future so if you need us to do this again, please reply here (or make a new topic) and our support team will be happy to add others as well.

If there are any questions or concerns, please let us know.