Request increase build timeout


Hi thank you for reaching out! I have increased your build timeout to 60 minutes! Please re-deploy your site to see this take effect

Please also increase build timeout for

My deploys keep failing and the AI tells me this:

> Diagnosis: The build failure is due to a timeout issue with the static worker process. The static worker process is being terminated with a SIGTERM signal due to taking more than 60 seconds to complete.
> Solution: To resolve this issue, you can try increasing the timeout duration for the static worker process in the build configuration settings. This will allow the static worker more time to complete its tasks without being forcefully terminated. You can adjust the timeout settings to a higher value based on the requirements of your build process.

Will requesting increase build timeout solve this issue?

@harrison1 it looks like this isn’t related to the build time limit, but rather a next.js specific issue. You can reference their documentation on how to resolve it here: Static page generation timed out after multiple attempts | Next.js

Please increase my build timeout for “”

Failed during stage ‘building site’: Command did not finish within the time limit

Thank you!

Just upgraded it to an hour.

Working now! Thank you very much!