Request for SSL Certificate extension for branch deploy for non-netlify managed DNS subdomain


I have a branch deploy which I’d like to have a custom subdomain for. For that domain, I can’t use Netlify DNS. So I followed this:

And it’s working so far, except for the last step (SSL).
The post says this SSL certification extension can be requested here, I’d kindly like to ask for this for our domain:


Netlify branch domain:

Hi @fritzfr! Welcome to netlify community.

Happy to help! To get this working you’ll want to rename your subdomain to match your branch exactly. So it should be exactly

Let us know when that’s done and we’ll get that cert updated for you!

@laura Oh, thank you for that tip, I didn’t notice. I just changed it, should be propagated any minute.

Perfect! I just added the subdomain to your cert and you’re all set.

Hi, @fritzfr. The domain is using Netlify DNS. This topic is about the manual process when Netlify DNS is not being used (more information here).

For domains using Netlify DNS, the instructions here should be used instead: