Request: Analytics about browser usage including browser version

I have seen several requests for user-agents or browser information in the Analytics dashboard. I wasn’t able to find a central thread for this feature request. Given how few people have stated why they want this data, I am starting this topic to share my reasons.

I want to build a performant website. JAM stack is very performant, and a good choice given my requirement. As I build and maintain the site, I must decide how I target my JavaScript and CSS. Including JavaScript or CSS code for older browsers impedes performance. Failing to include this compatibility code could negatively impact user experience. My site must strike a balance between compatibility and performance.

If I don’t know how my site is being accessed, I cannot make an informed choice about this balance.

Long-term analytics about the browsers being used to access my site help me understand my audience. Given that this is about compatibility, the version of the browser is important information! Additional information about devices and resolutions also helps me understand technical choices I need to make for my audience.

This limitation speaks to a larger problem with Netlify’s Analytics. The data doesn’t provide actionable, technical insights about the audience.

To be clear: the geographic and referrer information helps me understand my audience. However, my actions are content-oriented (internationalization, creating more content for specific sources) and are not technically oriented.

Thank you for taking the time to read my request.

Hiya @jambonrose and thanks for taking the time to write this up so intelligently and constructively. I’ve gotten a feature request filed for us for the Analytics team to consider, which means we’ll post here thus tripping a notification to you if we do implement & announce.

Your insights are pretty top-notch - have you considered signing up to participate in our user research projects? This is the best way to get your use cases heard: Netlify Research Program | Netlify and you’d be a GREAT participant, I can already tell…