Repository is empty even after I create a new site and deploy it

I am trying to host a blogging website for myself and i had created a site with cecil template. But for some reasons Neither I am able to connect to the admin panel of it says branch not found and neither I am able to see the content on the repository as it is empty. But it is deployed somehow.

Here is the link to the website. I dont know if the repository is empty then how is it deployed.

Hey there, @gat786

Welcome to Netlify Forums! Thank you so much for notifying us. We have a bug filed for this issue, and will let you know once we have next steps for you.


Just wanted to follow up that we got a fix live for this problem yesterday - could you let me know if it works better to start off from the template (afresh)?

Yeah Thanks Fool!
I will try again and let you guys know how it goes :wink:

Thanks, @gat786! We will be on the lookout for any responses to this thread :slight_smile:

Hey Hillary,
I’m happy to tell that the bug seems to be fixed and now I am able to use the admin panel as well for writing and creating blogs :grin:
Thanks guys :blush: