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Renewing domain

Hi there

My domain “andrewhetherington.com” expired a couple of days ago but I would like to renew it (wanted it to be a manual decision rather than automatic). It appears I can’t do this on my own through the Netlify interface.

It looks like the charge for this is $14.99 for the next year, which I am happy to pay. My credit card details associated with my Netlify account are up to date.


@hhontrr Welcome to the Netlify community. Netlify uses name.com for domain registration, so you might check there. I’d hurry, though. If your domain registration has expired you are treading on thin ice. Name.com probably gives you a grace period of a few days, but if you don’t act before the grace period expires you could either lose that domain entirely or have to pay an outrageous sum to re-acquire it.

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Hi gregraven

Thanks for your help on this.

The docs online seem to imply that the issue might still be within Netlify’s control within the first 30 days? (section on Domain Renewal & Expiration)


I have had a look on name.com and the domain is apparently registered. I am not sure whether this means it has been taken by someone else or whether its still “with” Netlify?


@hhontrr Going to your custom domain in a browser window shows your content, which means that it is still nominally under your control. Should you default completely, your content will be replaced.