Removing test sites

Hi support!

I have an issue with test sites that are still accessible after I had deleted site in the dashboard.
Site (url) guids are: 607d417d78459af30998ccf8, 608bcb467e9cadae08aa6b66

I had assumed that all test sites would be removed as well and unfortunately as I had deleted the site in the dashboard I cannot go back in and remove the test sites.

Would you be able to assist with removing the test sites?

Hello can anyone provide assistance or guidance with the above?

Hey there, @grand.dveloper

Welcome to the Netlify Forums :netliconfetti: Thanks for reaching out.

I am not quite sure I know what you mean by test sites. Can you elaborate on that in different words?

You should be able to delete all sites in the UI. If you enter your site settings, there is a button on the bottom that says delete site.

If this isn’t working, my thought would be that you might be seeing something cached. Can you try this in an icognito window and report back if it works?


Hi @hillary !
Thank you for you response, it’s very much appreciated!!
Apologies I am new to Netlify so my explanations are not the best but let me try again.

What I am referring to is removing non-production react deployments, see example below:

I had also run a production deployment as well (which provides you with URL without GUID).

Following this I wanted to delete the sites I had creating both production and non-production builds.
I deleted the Site via dashboard which removed the production site but not the non-production sites.

So example: - this was removed when I deleted the site. - this was not removed when I deleted the site.

I hope this make more sense, basically I just want to know how to take non-production sites offline.

Hi @hillary !
Thank for the response it is very much appreciated!

Apologies for my explanation I am new to Netlify so did not know the best way to communicate the issue.
Let me try again.

I had initially deployed some non-production react builds to my site followed by a production build.
(See example below for non-production react build deployment)

I then deleted the site (via dashboard) and I thought this would take both production and non-production webpages offline. The production site was removed however some of the non-production sites are still live. Unfortunately as I have deleted the site I dont have a way to go back in a check non-production deployments.

So basically as an example:
Production build: - This has been removed/deleted
Non-production build: 607d417d78459af30998ccf8– - This is still live

I hope that makes more sense?
(Apologies if there are multiple replies, it seemed to delete my previous ones)

Hi, @grand.dveloper. I do find that deploy id still active on a single ADN node in Sydney (the one using the IP address I’m escalating this issue to have this site purged from that ADN node.

We will post another update here as soon as this is done.

Hi, @grand.dveloper. The issue should be fixed and no endpoints are returning this content any longer.

Would you please let us know if you still see any 200 statuses for that deleted site now?