Removing an AAAA record

netlify site name:

Hi there,

I’m currently facing a problem issuing a Let’s Encrypt SSL/TLS certificate for my domian.

The solution provided to me was to remove a AAAA record from the DNS zone, which I can’t find in my DNS records.
Another solution was to assign an IPv6, which I believe cannot be done through Netlify?

Could someone help me clarify these solutions?


Hey @jcobwoo is using Netlify DNS, but I don’t believe it is configured correctly.

I see two AAAA records suggesting IPv6 is configured.

% dig AAAA			20	IN	AAAA	2406:da18:880:3800:1655:e904:cce5:66a5			20	IN	AAAA	2406:da18:880:3801:52c7:4593:210d:6aae

However I only see a single A record which isn’t correct.

% dig A			3600	IN	A

Do you have multiple records of type NETLIFY for and Have you deleted any such records?