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Remove Netlify DNS configuration from custom domain

Site name: https://osteopathie-hansen.netlify.app/
Custom Domain: www.osteopathie-hansen.de

I have a domain that is registered and hosted with IONOS. I added this domain as a “custom domain” in Netlify and used the netlify DNS provider for this. Unfortunately, Netlify does not offer email providing. Since I don’t want to use an additional e-mail provider, I reactivated the original DNS entries in IONOS for this domain. I reset the Netlify Name Server entries in IONOS. This means that all DNS entries are back with IONOS.

In IONOS, I have set an A entry with reference to the IP of Netlify according to the instructions.

Then I deleted the custom domain in Netlify and waited 1 hour.

When I add the domain again I have the following problem:
The “Netlify DNS” is still displayed.

How can I delete the Netlify DNS for the custom domain so that the domain is used with the IONOS DNS settings?

Could Netlify please delete the DNS entries for the custom domain if I cannot delete this myself. The page is down at the moment, so no problem deleting the entries.

Hi @kinglycodes

This is true. However, you can add MX records to Netlify DNS to use a mail service such as Zoho, Google, et.al. Check out [Support Guide] How can I receive emails on my domain? for more information on this.

If you navigate to https://app.netlify.com/teams/<your-team-name>/dns, select your domain, there is an option at the bottom of the page to Delete DNS Zone

Thank you for the fast response.

After deleting the DNS zone for the custom domain, can I add the domain again without using the Netlify DNS?

While I haven’t tried what you are doing, if you are removing your domain from Netlify DNS and reconfiguring with your registrar, I don’t see an issue in either keeping the custom domain linked to your site as it is, or removing and re-adding when DNS propagation is complete.

That said, I shall see if I can get clarification on that.

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Deleting the Zone will only delete the zone, and not affect the domain connected to a website. As long as the domain is connected in site settings and DNS is configured correctly, the setup would work.

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