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Remove custom subdomain from host site

Hello, I know this issue has been asked before. I have site (web2traction) with a default subdomain domain (https://web2traction.netlify.app).

I need to add a subdomain of (web.tractionapps.co) to this site but I get an error “Another site is already using this domain”. Please could you help remove this subdomain from its current host site, because I can’t find it.


@tractionapps Welcome to the Netlify community.

Netlify support is going to ask you to make a DNS entry to verify that you own / control that domain, and then they will delete it from the other user.

Thanks, please where do I get the DNS entry. I actually control the domain.

Hi, @tractionapps, the instructions are found in this support guide:

Please reply here to let us know when the DNS record has been created and we’ll be happy to remove the custom domain from the other team.

If there are any questions, we’re here to answer.

Hello @luke
Okay…the domain is on GoDaddy but I’m pointing it to a site on Netlify. So I’ve added that record to Netlify. Please is that fine? And please what do I do next.

Thanks for the reply.

Hello @luke
I’ve added the record. Please what’s next?

Hi, @tractionapps. I have discovered that the “other” team using this custom domain is actually the same team - not a different team at all.

You already have the custom domain assigned to a site here:


Once you delete it there, you will be able to add it to the new site here:


If that doesn’t work, please let us know.

Hi, @luke. Thanks for the reply. True about the team. I was even the one that created site (Netlify App).

But I can’t find “web.tractionapps.co” as a custom domain on here:


If you could just remove it from your end for me. I’d appreciate it.

Hi, @tractionapps. I completely mistook web.tractionapps.co as www.tractionapps.co.

I did find the custom domain web.tractionapps.co being used on a different site and team and have removed it now. Sorry about the delay.

Hello @luke,
Thank you very much.