Remove apex setting from Netlify custom domain settings?

The SSL cert on our site expired today.

There is an outstanding issue “Domain has multiple A records … We can’t renew your Let’s Encrypt certificate automatically until the issue is resolved”.

There was 2 x A records is use, one of which we need for another app. I have deleted the A record for Netlify from our DNS about 6 hours ago as we figured we could do without the naked domain.

…but there is no option to remove the apex from the Netlify custom domain settings!

How do I remove the custom domain apex setting? Is it simply a matter of waiting for propagation? Surely I don’t need to set an A record in my DNS if I don’t want an apex redirect?

Hi Callum & welcome to the community!

Our system is not set up to allow that configuration automatically; the 99.99% use case is to serve both sites so that’s how our system is configured by default. I have reconfigured your site to “hardwire” your site to only use www since you will not use the apex redirect, but this will prevent you from using any other names on the site without our express assistance in reconfiguring.

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Thanks helps @fool — by names, do you mean other subdomains, such as “”?

We’re aware that our current set-up is not future-proof. Thinking through options.

Definitely appreciate the quick fix though.

Yup! Exactly like that. They can be added by us, to that site, but not by you.

You can of course have other sites that are different (or even the same) codebase, deployed with the more usual setup (and if you start with ‘’ you don’t need any funky settings on our side) where you can dynamically add and remove names.

Gotcha, thanks very much :star_struck: