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Relative urls link to default site.netlify.app url instead of custom url

I just updated the dns records I have in Netlify earlier today to add

I tried to go to blog.ethicli.com and was surprised to see that the DNS migration was already completed because it loaded the site. I was expecting to have to wait until tomorrow.

However, all the internal links in the site, which are programmed as relative links show the default netlify url instead of the custom url.
instead of
for example.
That doesn’t seem like a DNS problem to me but I’m not sure why that would be happening.
I know relative urls should work properly because my site at https://ethicli.com uses relative urls and they work as expected.

Thank you in advance

In your document head you have

<base href="https://ethicli-blog.netlify.app">

Oh wow thank you so much. I feel silly :face_with_hand_over_mouth: