Registered on netlify , hosted a site and boom account got flagged for "suspicious" activity -,- Top of that this was a part of my paid work

Website name :

Need my account working asap :frowning:

@ayezinzu Did you take this site down already? It seems not to have any DNS records associated with it now.

nope, i did nothing. why is this happehing

netlify took my acc down so i think that’s why…

@ayezinzu Netlify took down your account? That’s sounds pretty wild. If that’s correct, you’re going to have to fix that first.

So you don’t have a Netlify subdomain with your website, something like

You registered this domain name through Google, right?

hey @ayezinzu - we would need to know your netlify site name in order to help you! I think it is unlikely we took your site down. I bet this is a configuration issue of some kind.