Regarding my deployed sites

Hey i had deployed 15 project using free hosting account and all of them is not working its showing error as “Not Found - Request ID: 01GJHK74YEM02DWWE11X36586T” with site name “
Please help me with the solution to this problem.

Hi @pujari_basvaraj, if possible can you share the repository of the site you are trying to deploy for me to help with the debugging?

Hey @clarnx , Definitely i’m sharing the github repository link in this

Hi @pujari_basvaraj, thanks for sharing your repository.
Kindly redeploy your site by following the instructions in the link below.
Your site should display as expected.

Let me know the outcome.


Hey , @clarnx , the guide which you’re sharing regarding deploying the site on Netlify i already know this but the issue I’m facing is I have deployed a site on Netlify but it has been banned due to copyright issues for which I had Recevied mail from Github to make certain changes for this repository, the changes which I was asked to do I have done the changes can you please let me know when will my site online(live) , and all various sites which I deployed using Netlify is also banned.
Hoping to get the reply on this issue ASAP.

Hi @pujari_basvaraj, thanks for providing extra feedback.

If you have received a ban due to copyright issues with GitHub then you need to contact GitHub regarding the ban and also read GitHubs terms of service at GitHub Terms of Service - GitHub Docs

The problem is not from Netlify’s end since the ban it from GitHub, therefore it’s not possible to tell when you site will be online.

Based on the quote above it seems your GitHub has been banned on user account level and not a repository.

I am sure once you resolve the issue with GitHub you can successfully deploy your projects on Netlify.

You can contact GitHub Support and create a support ticket at