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Regarding Drag And Drop Sites

I was hosting my site on shared hosting ( wordpress) but have now moved to netlify.
Currently, I have local installation of my site, and I am using a static file generator plugin.
The plugin gives me a zip folder as an output.
I drag and drop this folder on netlify, and site is deployed.
It works, and I am also able to add custom domain.

However, I am not able to update this site.
For updating the site, I have to drag and drop new zip , and delete old site.
Then I have to again add custom domain.

Is there a way to make this process a better.

I tried git respository linking, but I am not able to figure out what to do.
I dumped zip folder in the respository but site didn’t deployed.
I also tried the unzip folder but even that was a failure.

I am not a developer. Is there an easy tutorial or something that I can follow.

Please help.


P.S.- This is the first time I am posting on a forum, and I don’t know the unwritten rules of the community.
If this is not the right category for this question, please move it to appropriate section.

@Bharat Welcome to the Netlify community.

I do this several times each day and it works every time. What happens when you drag ‘n’ drop your site folder and not a ZIP file?

Hi @gregraven

I didn’t tried drag and drop on netlify dashboard ( I tried zip and it works).
I tried unzipped folder at github reprository ( via github desktop). At first netlify bots tried deploying. I saw couple of familiar urls ( from my site articles), but then it failed.
Site returned 404 error.

Hi @Bharat,

You need not delete the old site to update. When you go to Netlify App, you can upload the updated folder there and it would update the existing website.

I can see that you’ve deleted the repository link. It should also work fine. If you wish to use repository instead and are unable to do it, let us know and we can guide you with it.

@Bharat You lost me. This is what I’m talking about.

@hrishikesh At present I have one site ( custom domain) at netlify.

Let’s say , I made couple of changes to my site ( on local wordpress installation) and then generated a zip folder using static generator plugin.

Now , how do I use this updated zip folder?

If I drag-drop this on netlify, it creates a new site.

And, if I upload it to fit repository ( let’s say repository is connected to my custom domain site ) , it deploys an empty site.

What to do ?

@Bharat Did you try going on the link I sent above? I’m talking about this: Netlify App. If you drag your updated folder on that link, it will update your current website.

Hi @hrishikesh ,

I was dropping on the site area, and that’s why it was creating new sites. My bad.
I dropped new zip on the netlify app section, and it worked.


I have some more question. If I install a plugin ( let’s say algolia search) then when it will show on my site ? Immediately or after next update ( deployment) ?
How does asset optimization works ? Does it work at time of deployment or on the fly ( when user visit the site)?


P.S- Is there a way to manage 404 errors?

@gregraven Sorry, I was bit confused myself.
I thought drag and drop is only available at site page, and we have to delete and add site every time we make changes.

Thank you for your help.


Plugins show up after deployment.

Asset optimization works during build-time and not on the fly.

I’m not sure what you mean by manage 404 errors. If you mean to show a custom 404 page, you can find the required docs here: Redirect options | Netlify Docs


Yes, custom 404.
I will check the docs.
Thank you for your help.