ReferenceError: effect is not defined

Hi there,

I’ve been deploying my site ( using netlify for many months. Recently, however (starting perhaps a week ago?) my build is producing Uncaught Reference errors in the published builds.

Go to this link to see the error in console: https://5d9c0e9700ceb75937c7db28–

Here is the text of the error:

VM49:3 Uncaught ReferenceError: effect is not defined
at _expression_function (eval at apply (introduction:48), <anonymous>:3:1)
at c.executeExpression (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at c.o [as getValue] (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at e.iterateDynamicProperties (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at e.getValue (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at SVGShapeElement.prepareProperties (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at SVGShapeElement.prepareFrame (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at SVGRenderer.renderFrame (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at AnimationItem.renderFrame (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)
at AnimationItem.gotoFrame (vendors~app.b0dafa443e51b26b49d7.js:1)

That instance of master is the same code that I deployed to on September 21st.

Note that this error does not show up in either my local dev (using webpack-dev-server), or when testing the prod assets using a simple express server (here’s that config).

I’ve also tried clearing the CDN cache and deploying fresh assets but no dice. The log output appears identical.

Any tips? Any info I can provide to make this easier to understand? Here is a link to the github repo to see the code currently in master:

Alright, got some more info. Turns out my lottie-web dependency was having some issues after all.

I updated its patch version and it works slightly better now, and no console errors. There’s some strange visibility issues though so I’m not sure what that’s about. :man_shrugging:

hey @gtreviranus - thank you for keeping us updated.

If there are any further issues that seem directly connected to Netlify, please post again and we will take another look!