Redirecy Netlify to Nginx internal API

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@ethsm5677 Wouldn’t this be a question for the nginx side of things?

Can you reach out to the provider for that service?

It’s possible that a community member will be able to provide some assistance, (but there aren’t many active), or maybe a Netlify support staff member may have some relevant skills/knowledge, but Netlify as a provider doesn’t have anything to do with nginx.

My issue is that the same config works for other cdn services, but I have this issue with Netlify. Does Netlify have any requirements regarding SSL versions, ciphers, HTTP headers etc, that should be proxied to nginx?

Unfortunately I can’t answer, but a Netlify rep should be able to advise if there are any specific requirements.

I just know that not having anything to do with nginx they probably can’t assist you to debug the specifics of config files on that side of things.

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