_redirects working for staging site but not production

I have a redirect set up for create-react-app for site name onboardlist-www-staging and it works fine, as you can see if you visit OnboardList. The route appears, no 404 error.

However, the same repo deployed to site name onboardlist-www shows a 404 at OnboardList even though the site appears at https://www.onboardlist.com/. I checked the deploy log and it says “1 redirect rule processed All redirect rules deployed without errors.” So, I’m not sure why a redirect in a repo would work on one site, and not another. Any help appreciated.

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Would you share your _redirects file?

I heard back from Netlify support. I was confused about the difference between deploy and publish. I thought they were the same thing, but apparently not! Got redirects working by publishing the latest build.

I had turned off auto-publishing because I’d like updates to be a manual process for production, and I think I was confused because under Deploys I still saw deploys happening when I pushed code to GitHub. I thought that was updating my site, however I now see there’s a little Published indicator showing which is the published build and that I need to click “Publish deploy” to make the update live.

So, operator error. Sorry everyone! I think I was used to Heroku where I turned off auto-deploy for production, and clicking “Deploy Branch” makes the changes live. There’s no “publish” step AFAIK.