Redirects that are not case sensitive


I would like to write redirects that are not case specific. For example when I create a vanity URL like:

/HSAInfographic I would like it to work in any case treatment is there a way to do this using netlify redirects?

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Thanks for reaching out. I know our Forums can be extensive, so for starters I want to make sure you have seen this Support Guide as well as this Doc on redirects and rewrites. Have you read both of these already?

Hi Hillary no that did not answer my question - there is nothing about making a redirect not case specific…

Hey there, @Jennifer_G

Thanks for following up. This doc states that: Our CDN edge nodes do URL normalization before the redirect rules kick in. This happens to make sure we can guarantee the highest possible cache hit rate and the absolute best performance for your site.

Here is a thread where folks have requested this feature to change. I have opened an issue in GitHub for this as well. Should you wish to add to this request, please do not hesitate to add your reasons for wanting this feature to the thread I linked.

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I think there might be a little disconnect here, @Jennifer_G - did you try using only lowercase redirects? That should cover upper and lowercase URL’s, as we’ll first change:


automatically. Then, your redirect will kick in:

/hsainfographic /otherpath 301!

This should also work for the URLs:


Did you try that and find it not working?

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Yes I have this redirect:

/individual-and-family-features/debit-card —> /features/
If I try to visit /individual-and-family-features/DEBIT-card it gives me a 404

drat! Could you share the full URL, so I can examine it in our database, please?

Sure + thanks: —>

Thanks, I see what you are seeing which is definitely not what I expect! We’ll work with our network engineers later this week to try to understand and hopefully come up with a fix for you, and will report back thereafter!

Thank you for looking into this!

hi @Jennifer_G - thanks for your patience on this, we haven’t forgotten about you! we’ve been a bit underwater this week, but i will try and get some :eyes: on this for next week!

Hey there,
We dug into this further and will share our findings: what we automatically normalize are paths for files that exist in your deploy at your domain before any redirect rules apply, i.e. if you have a file at, we will normalize (force lowercase) that path to be in the browser.

However, if have a redirect rule in your _redirects file or netlify.toml that says “redirect /HSAInfographic to /otherpath”, we will do exactly that- this is case-sensitive, and we will only redirect requests for /HSAInfographic (not /hsainfographic) to /otherpath.

Could you make redirect rules that account for the most common case usages? I.e.:   /otherpath  301   /otherpath  301   /otherpath  301
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Hi @jen I can but I had hoped to avoid that as it tends to make for a triple long redirects file. I was hoping the server would handle things in a non case specific way and I could create vanity URL’s that would be normalized and then forward. I will work with your advice. thanks