[[redirects]] sometimes work and sometimes it does not

Not sure what is happening but sometime the redirect does not work.

So this is on my main site marius.dev. Ass soon as i hit marius.dev/vip-ml i want it to load that page. But sometime even if i don’t change anything in the redirect and do a build from new git commit, redirect stop working and i get 404 errors for missing files. Any advise on what is happening?

from = "/vip-ml"
to = "https://vip-ml.netlify.app/"
# status = 200
# force = true

Also if i go here using this link
and then just add /vip-ml to like so
It works… This is the same build as my www.marius.dev, but for some reason when using marius.dev/vip-ml does not work.

So if i type www.marius.dev/vip-ml it does work, but if i type marius.dev/vip-ml it does not even tho the main website opens with or without www, I’m confused

Sorted had some issues with CRA and Routes my bad, but was expecting the server to pick up still interesting that www works and without does not hm

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