Redirects - Replace all underscores with dashes

My website was created using underscores in page URLs:

But I’ve decided to rename my pages. I’d like to make a universal redirect that replaces underscores with hyphens:

I tried doing this using placeholders:

:word1 _ :word2: _ :word3 _ :word4

Redirects to:

:word1 - :word2: - :word3 - :word4

But that doesn’t seem to work.

Is it possible to create a universal redirect that replaces ALL underscores with dashes?


Hey Caspian,

Placeholders will replace anything between slashes, rather than between any characters, for example:

/test/:path/index.html /test2/:path/index.html 301

You may be able to create a bash script that runs through all of your files and dynamically creates this but our otherwise pretty rich redirects feature isn’t going to be able to help :frowning:

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I should have thought of this! Thanks!

This took about 30 seconds in bash.

For future people who may be reading this, here’s the script:

for f in *\ *; do echo "$f"; echo "${f//_/-}"; done

Pipe the output into a txt file, then clean it up with a text editor. (I used a vim macro to add quotes to the beginning and end of each line, etc.)