Redirects problem, asset can be accessed from mobile, but not on desktop

Hi there, we’re experience some weird caching issues. This asset is visible for me on mobile, but not on desktop, I’ve checked Chrome, FF and curl:
Please advise.

Hi @emdin, I just tried your site in chrome dev tools network tab and the asset you indicated is available on desktop.
Kindly confirm if the asset is available on desktop or not.


Thanks for getting back to me. Still not available on my desktop.

Hi @emdin, thanks for the feedback. Kindly try to use a different browser or device to see if the problem persists.
If possible close your current browser or restart your computer and then try again.

If the problem persists kindly fix the errors in your chrome dev tools console when you visit the landing page.
Let me know the outcome.


It doesn’t work in any browser, including CURL, see attachment.

Hi @emdin if possible can you share the repository of your project for me to help with the debugging?

Sure. I will need your github account

Hello @emdin,
My GitHub is

I’ve sent you an invite, you should get it in your inbox.

Hi @emdin, thanks for sharing the repository. The problem is coming from your build command.
Your build command calls the script.
Within that script make sure the location where the assets and html files are copied to matches your published directory specified in your netlify.toml file.


Hi Clarnx, thanks for looking into this! Any insights on why other assets working properly apart from this one? They are build by the same script and put into the same folder as the asset in question.

Hi @emdin, in order to confirm all assets are put in the same folder kindly confirm by checking the code in the file.
Run to build script on your local computer and then confirm all assets are being copied.