_redirects not working

Hello, I’m having an issue redirecting my / directory to World Wide Handball
Here is what I have in the _redirects file
https://worldwidehandball.netlify.app/* https://mailchi.mp/e1d053fc2493/world-wide-handball 301!

I have the file in my root directory, netlify builds successfully, but when I go to worldwidehandball.com it goes straight to the index.html and not the url I specified.

thank you in advance!

Hi @jmendoza

If you want worldwidehandball.com to redirect, you will need to add a rule for that domain. The rule you have currently will only work on worldwidehandball.netlify.app.

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Hmm, I updated the rule to https://worldwidehandball.com/* https://mailchi.mp/e1d053fc2493/world-wide-handball 301! and I’m still getting the same issue.

Actually, when I click on the link worldwidehandball.com I get the redirect, but when I type the site into my search bar it goes to index.html… why is that?

I am redirected when I type in worldwidehandball.com. Quite possibly the old response is cached in your browser. Try another browser or private/incognito window to test.

You’re right, I just tried going to the site through my phone’s browser. Thank you so much!!

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