_redirects not working on the apex domain only www domain


I have set up a new site, which as of today only exists to redirect to another site. I have added a _redirects file.

Visiting www.did.app works correctly but not did.app

I used the one-click service from DNSimple to set up the domain. So not sure what I should be tweeking to get it to work,

The contents of my _redirects file

/ https://trykno.com

Cheers Peter

There is no redirect at all on that site, @CrowdHailer .

Not sure how you see it working for www.did.app - it is just redirecting to “did.app” which does not do what you were trying.

Please make sure your _redirects ends up next to index.html in your publish dir, and then you’ll see a note in the deploy logs that it was deployed, for instance:

Hi @CrowdHailer, if you are using a static content manager that generatea from specific paths or patterns I recommend you to be sure that _redirects is marked as static path and introduced in the root of your website.

I use Pelican and I need to set the file in its static path variable in the Pelican configuration.


Yeah there is no redirect anymore. As we couldn’t get it to work we just pushed out the new did.app page as soon as possible