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_redirects for Canada is not working anymore

Hello, it was working before and suddenly it is not working for Cnada anymore.

My site url is

Here’s the rules I have set:

/deal/ /deal/1a-au 200! Country=au
/deal/ /deal/1a-ca 200! Country=ca

/lp15/ /lp15/au 200! Country=au
/lp15/ /lp15/ca 200! Country=ca

Australia is working fine. Thank you!

Hi @Felipe_Michelin,

Do you have request IDs of the requests that did not redirect correctly?

Hello @hrishikesh how I can fetch these IDs?

I’m using a VPN to test out at this moment, that’s strange since only CA stopped working, but AU works fine.

The AU redirects don’t work for me.

And I’m in Australia.

This is what I see when I visit jovial-bartik-465326.netlify.app/deal

Also tried using a Canadian VPN point, same thing.

Note: If I visit jovial-bartik-465326.netlify.app I am redirected to https://try.javycoffee.com/lp14/ in both AU, and CA.

Can you try to add a dash at the end of the url?

Actually can you try this url instead:

https://try.javycoffee.com/deal/ the only thing that changes is the pricing



Right, canada isn’t working, if you see the redirect rule:

/deal/ /deal/1a-ca 200! Country=ca

and if you access 1A it’s a different page. So wondering if it’s a netlify redirect to CA problem.

Thank you!

Yeah, we could verify what’s happening if either of you could help us with the request IDs. They can be found in the response headers in dev tools.


x-nf-request-id: 01FJM3AVNTQGVDQ4AAAA2K6ZWA

is it because I have caching on cloudflare? for redirects to work I should setup it netlify DNS?

Cloudflare does add problems with Country-based redirects, yes. It’s because, Netlify only sees Cloudflare’s IP address which might be from a different country than the user.

I checked that request ID and we see that as a request coming from US. Thus, we don’t redirect it.