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Redirection to custom page not working after filling forms

So i have tried alot of times without sucess. Using only a simple html with forms , when i fill the forms i want the redirection to point to a custom success page exactly as the documentation says eg action=/sucess/ where sucess is a page i created .

<form name="contact" action="/success/" netlify method="POST" >
  <input type="hidden" name="form-name" value="contact"/>
  <p class="hidden">
    <label>Don’t fill this out if you're human: <input name="bot-field" /></label>
    <label>Name <input type="text" name="name" /></label>
    <label>Email <input type="email" name="email" required/></label>
    <label>Message <textarea name="message"></textarea></label>
    <button type="submit">Send</button>

Alot of people complained about the same problem but it still exists .Is the problem due to my account type which is free account

Hi, @obide1, if you download your deploy, you will see there is no file called either /success.html or /success/index.html. The action is to a path that does not exist.

I do see a file named /pages/success.html though. Based on this, the correct action value would look like this:


Would you please make that change and let us know if it resolve the issue or not?

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Thank you Luke for your response.But i only used this as an example. In my actual website like you stated , i wrote action="/pages/success" and it still doesn’t work.
I even placed success.html in the main dir and wrote (action="/success/ also i tried action="/success.html") all didnt work. I realised that i can see the path in the broswer but it does not display my custom page only the default.

Hi @obide1,

Could you please post a link to the page on which you’re using the form?

Am using my custom domain name. The link works , but when action="/pages/sucess" in the forms it doesn’t.

Hi @obide1,

I was asking for the link to the form. Is this the one: Bettereye?

ok.Normally, this is the link Bettereye on the bottom.
But i removed the action=“pages/success” from the form since it was not working. I will upload it right now. Thank you for your time and quick response .

i uploaded it and filled the forms at (Bettereye ) and it still didn’t work

Hi @obide1,

It’s because you’ve a form here:


That form’s name is same as the one on the page you sent above. However, this form doesn’t have the action set as /page/success. Because the name is same, Netlify Forms is linking both the forms as one and because the one on privacy policy page was detected before any other page, its action is being used.

If you set the correct action on that, I think it should work fine for all pages. OR set a different name for form on each page.

ok i will try that . In fact when you fill the forms and submits it,it leads to the right path (bettereye-ai.com/pages/success) . However it does not load its page and continues to use that of the default success page .

Am very grateful for your time .It works now.God bless you.

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