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Redirecting facebook referral to the specific url does not work

I have tried codes that are shown here, but can not Redirect facebook referral to the specific url. Please help.Please note that I have created function (hello-world ) in netlify and added the code there.I have deployed the website of netlify from github.

Hi @Norayr1155

I take this means you have searched this forum for facebook referral and tried the solutions posted?

Can you share your git repository, or the code you are using so that others may assist you.

This is my github repo, but I need full help.

Looking at your repository shows a multitude of issues.

  1. .htaccess files don’t work on Netlify.
  2. xmlrpc.php won’t work as PHP is only supported at build time.
  3. node_modules directory don’t generally get pushed to git
  4. you have a package-lock.json but no package.json
  5. You have a post-1001.js file inside netlify/functions/hello-world which you should move up one level (under functions)

The idea of these forums is to assist in debugging a script, troubleshooting other issues, specific to Netlify. Currently I see nothing to troubleshoot as you don’t appear to have a piece of code that is causing you issues.