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Redirect whole website including the Homepage

Hey I would like to redirect the whole website to another website URL.

I did created a redirects file and apart from homepage…everything is working fine.

Here is my code in the redirect file.

/* https://donateers.org/htmlsitemap/ 301

is there a way to make homepage also redirect to the destination URL?

Thank you in advance

Hi @sureshkumarg

If you want to direct everything, including pages that exist already, you need to add a ! to the end of the status code ie.

/*    https://donateers.org/htmlsitemap/    301!

Note: make sure this is going to another domain, as the above rule will cause an infinite redirect if used to redirect to the same site.


Thank you Coelmay.

It works. Wish it was mentioned it in the documentation too.

Appreciate the quick help even on weekends too.

Hey there, @sureshkumarg :wave:

Thanks for that feedback! I have shared your thoughts with our Documentation team so that they can look into this. Glad everything is working for you now :netliconfetti: