Redirect to with gatsby not working


I read through the post for redirects from one site to a static site. Both sites are on netlify. I have followed the instructions but am obviously missing something.

My main site is and the gatsby static site is

I want to point to

My redirects file reads as such -
/* /index.html 200
/destinations/* 200!

I see the redirects file next to index.html when I build my main site.

What am I missing here?

@atma - can you point us to your netlify site?

first thing to check is if your _redirects file is named & formatted correctly.

I just found a fix on stackoverflow to change the redirects file. I changed the order of the redirects. The below change fixed the issue.

/destinations/* https://staticsite/:splat 200!
/* /index.html 200

thanks for posting your solution, @atma! glad it is working now :tada: