Redirect to history mode hash moving querystring


I’m having an issue with a redirect to a HTML5 history mode url. It’s defined like this

  from = "/path/:uuid/:option/"
  to = "/path/#/resume/:uuid/:option"
  status = 302

However when I hit the redirect rule it messed up the hash and querystring. For example hitting /path/1234/my-option?parameter1=1&parameter2=2 redirects to /path?parameter1=1&parameter2=2#/resume/1234/my-option rather than /path/#/resume/1234/my-option?parameter1=1&parameter2=2

Anyone able to help on this?

According to me, what you’re looking for is not possible. According to the specs: rfc3986, the query string (?) appears before fragment (#).

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Thanks for pointing that out :+1:

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