Redirect netlify site to main domain

My DNS is via Netlify and working well at

But my netlify site is also hosted at and I want to redirect this to my main business domain

I cant seem to find a setting anywhere for this, or anything in the docs. I have also tried to search this forum but to no avail. I remember seeing this setting before but now I just cant seem to find it and now I feel stupid

Please help - I am sure I am missing something really obvious

hi there, maybe i am misunderstanding, but you should be able to connect your custom domain to your netlify site via our UI:

Hi Perry!

Yes I have done that - I am connected at
But this still exists. Now its bad for SEO rankings because two domains with the same content. I need to redirect to or remove priceless-golick altogether

Is that not possible?

Hey @adityarao310!
You can set up that 301 redirect from your Netlify subdomain to your primary custom domain in a _redirects or netlify.toml file. Here’s a post about it:

As for SEO, we recently rolled out an enhancement that should help with two sites that have the same content:

This Link header is visible in the response headers when you navigate directly to your Netlify subdomain- not when you go straight to your custom domain:

Hope this helps! Let us know if we can answer any other questions on this :slight_smile:

Great, that solved it. And I loved the fact that I didnt have to do anything to fix this, and you implemented a feature to make it happen.


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