Redirect my website DNS A record (www etc.) to Netlify without transferring NS records?

I am probably missing the obvious (again!) here.

I have, in the past, pointed my NS records to Netlify for a website I had. I am just wondering if I can simply to re-route my A record/Web (http/s) traffic from my other DNS provider to Netlify rather than pointing the whole NS set?

I may well be missing the point, but I have MX record on my existing provider and other sub-domains… I guess they would still work if I pointed my NS to Netlify?

Really sorry, I am sure this is documented somewhere - had a “quick” look but probably down to my limited DNS knowledge to be honest!!

Hi, @davidsheardown, the short answer is “yes, there is another way” (and welcome to the Netlify community site).

Changing the NS records to ones Netlify controls is the Netlify DNS method.

The documentation for the other method (adding A and/or CNAME records) is found here:

If there are other questions about this, please reply again here anytime.

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My goodness! thank you so much for the quick response!

The crazy thing is I looked at that article, didn’t quite get it (sorry, recently back after the Christmas/New Year break and so my brain REALLY hasn’t restarted correctly!).

That is great confirmation, I will read that now that it is the “other” way to do this… many thanks again!!!