Redirect doesn't work as expected

my site:

my site works like thus.

          <Route path="/" element={<ELO />} />
          <Route path="/ELO_ranking/:league" element={<ELO />} />
          <Route path="/match_prediction/:league" element={<Prediction />} />
          <Route path="/match_of_the_week/:league" element={<MOTW />} />

and my netlify.toml is like thus.

  from = "/*"
  to = "/index.html"
  status = 200

but when I reload my site excluding initial page, the page turns to white page.
I think this is related to that my url has two “/”, but I don’t know exactly.

How to fix my problem?

Hi @dhkang01,

I don’t see the above netlify.toml in your site. Are you sure it exists as you’ve specified?

As I try to fix another problem, I changed this site several times. But there is netlify.toml right now.( I updated again.)

Try changing the value of homepage in your package.json to /.

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Wow it works!
Thank you very much!!!

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