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Redirect does not work, results in "page not found"

Thanks for your suggestion, I tried using netlify.toml but instead of redirecting to my other site, it redirects to page not found: https://noblerandcuriouser.netlify.com/

hey narvey - i moved this post as the other thread was getting a little overwhelming. @gregraven - just letting you know this post has moved here! :slight_smile:

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I’m wondering if I can get my 301 to redirect from old-hyphen-name.netlify.com to newNoHyphenName.netlify.app, and to do so, would I have to change the project name at exactly the right moment on Apr. 14?

Wouldn’t it be easier to set up a new site using the name newNoHyphenName.netlify.com now, and define the redirects in your _redirects or netlify.toml file on old-hyphen-name.netlify.com to the new version of your site? You wouldn’t have to worry about timing issues because the .app site would already be there, and you could start referring to it now (using the .com extension) now.

Just a thought.

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Redirect or not, noblerandcuriouser.netlify.com seems not to be loading. I’m guessing you have to fix that first. If the redirected-to site isn’t loading, the redirect from the old site isn’t going to work.

Actually, I decided to redirect from the non-hyphenated name to the one with the hyphen. So my netlify.toaml file is:

  from = "https://noblerandcuriouser.netlify.com"
  to = "https://nobler-and-curiouser.netlify.com"
  status = 301
  force = true

And https://nobler-and-curiouser.netlify.com works just fine.

Question: do I need anything in the redirect site’s github other than the above file?

just to be sure, your file is named netlify.toml, correct? not netlify.toaml?

Assuming you have the name correct on the netlify.toml file, I’ve run into a case where a _redirects file worked for redirects, but a netlify.toml file did not. You might try using a _redirects file, if for no other reason than that’s what it’s for, whereas the netlify.toml file is more general-purpose.

Hi, @Narvey, I’m not seeing any redirects at all being active for that Netlify site. This can be confirmed in the deploy:



No redirect rules processed
This deploy did not include any redirect rules. Learn more about redirects.

It looks like this is because netlify.toml is named netlify.toaml. We won’t process the file unless it is named netlify.toml.

@gregraven, in your case did you have a base setting in your build stanza for the netlify.toml file where the redirect rule was not being processed?

If so, it might be the behavior described here:

Hi @Scott , https://covid19india-today.netlify.com/ shows “This site can’t be reached” , not redirecting to https://covid19india-today.netlify.app/ .

Hey @Tilakj,

I’m unable to reproduce this issue, I can navigate to the site using both .com and .app as .com is successfully performing the 301 to the .app URL.

Maybe this is an issue for your site and domain?