Redirect by browser language

While I’m happy @waw-webcontents found help here, this topic is actually about redirects based on browser language NOT working on Netlify.

Do we have news here by any chance, @Pie?

Depends what you’re trying to do, @oskar, and what you expect – for language redirects, if the browser observes a single language (without quality) then things are fab! It’s when quality is at play where things get a little spicy.

The ‘blocking’ works are ongoing, as part of a larger project. So, unfortunately – in short – nothing outward to report just yet!

@Pie Wondering if there is any update to this?

Work is still ongoing. Rest assured, we’ll let y’all know once progress is made!

Hi @Pie, thanks for the reply. Is there any timeline for this?
Our high-profile customer would highly appreciate that feature :slight_smile:


Hey @henry1,

Unfortunately, there’s no timeline – we’d hate to make false promises! Stay tuned :slight_smile: