Redirect based on language for subdomain

Hi all, I have two sites deployed where the second is a subdomain of the first:

I have a /es and /en folder for both domains and 301 redirects based on language as such:
/ /es/ 301 Language=es
/ /en/ 301 /es/ 301 Language=es /en/ 301 /es/ 301 Language=es /en/ 301

The problem is that the dreamcatcher redirects aren’t detected by the browser and simply 404. I’ve tried them in my _redirects file on both deploys. Any suggestions?

Hi @Jay-Salisbury,

It appears we’ve responded to this in the helpdesk.

In case anyone else comes across this, my mistake was quite simple. For an eleventy site I had my _redirects in my root folder rather than src.

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Thanks for sharing your solution with the community!