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Redeploying old git PR resulted in failed netlify deployment


Good day.

I just wanted to share and check if anyone encountered this issue we had, when re-deploying a PR that is already deployed before in Netlify, but when try to redeploy again, it failed. The error message says “Request must be smaller than 69905067 bytes for the CreateFunction operation”.

The issue was quite weird, since we are trying to redeploy a PR that was already deployed before.

I’m looking forward for your advises.

Thank you.

Hi @mer.grita,

This one seems related:

Just like they did, could you try building your functions locally to see what you get?

Hello @hrishikesh ,

Good day.

Thanks for your reply. When you mentioned “could you try building your functions locally to see what you get?”, are you referring to building your application using the Netlify CLI? By the way, the app that I am working on is a NextJS App.

Apart from it, i tried to install a build analyzer to see if the following chunks in that were generated during nextjs build will produce a file more than 50 MB, and from the analysis, it seems that all chunks generated are all less that 50 MB, even if for a combined categories. Please refer to the screenshot below for reference. The top screenshots are for Server Chunks while the bottom refers to Client Chunks:

I hope for your usual response on this inquiry.

Thank you.

Yes. Link your site first with netlify link and run netlify build.

It’s better to try to do this on a Linux machine because:

Hello @hrishikesh - this issue is now resolved. for we added eslint as node_bundler. Thank you for your assistance.

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