Recover email account linked to a Domain

We have a Customer of ours who has a website that we can see is being hosted by Netlify. THey have no details of what email address was used to sign up for this service, and so no way to edit the site, upgrade the plan, or anything like that. We also do not know who to ask for this details, as it could be a past employee’s email address, or a previous IT Provider etc.

Is there a way to gain access to a account like this? We obviously have the domain name.
If not, how can we find out to what email address this account is linked, so that we can either re-activate that account and do a password reset, or contact the party involved?

We have access to the DNS records to prove ownership etc.

Hi there @wihan ,

Thanks for reaching out! Welcome to the Netlify Forums. :netliconfetti:

In order for us to best assist you here, we will need:

  1. Either the Netlify site name or the API ID. The API ID is safe to share.
  2. the custom domain name (www.)

Please reply to this thread with that information!

Hi Hillary,

The domain is

Hi there @wihan

Thanks for sharing the custom domain with us. We still need the Netlify site name and/or the API ID in order to move forward with this. Can you please send this over?

Thank you.

Hi Hillary,
Where can i get this, considering I have no access to anything?

hi wihan,

We have moved this request to our helpdesk so we can get some more information from you and hopefully get you back into your account. Watch for an email from us at the address you signed up for these forums with!