Receiving Form Data in Edge Function

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I have a HTML form set up like this:

<form action="/edge/sign-up" method="POST">
    Email Address:
    <input name="email" required type="email">
    <input name="password" required type="password">
    Confirm Password:
    <input name="confirm-password" required type="password">
  <button type="submit">Sign Up</button>

My Edge function is set up like this:

export default (request, context) => {
  const everything = JSON.stringify({ request: request, context: context });
  return new Response(everything, null, 2));

export const config = {
  path: "/edge/sign-up",

When I submit the form I see a blank page showing all the properties of the variable everything - but there are no properties or values related to what I typed in the form; there are no attributes named “email”, “password”, “confirm_password”, etc.

How can I post a form and receive the data in an Edge function?

Thanks for your time!

Request is a Web Standard, so you can refer to MDN docs: Request - Web APIs | MDN ( and find out more about Request.body or use one of the methods: Request - Web APIs | MDN (

Thank you, that worked.