Received an email stating Invocation reached 90% of limit

So my site is jade-marigold-2b48fb and I got an email stating that I’ve reached 90% of the invocation limit but I’m still unclear how this is happening.

Currently I’m using it well below the bandwidth and also there isn’t any indication of invocation usage in Netlify dashboard. Could you let me know how I can solve this if this has to do with Nextjs in the site?

Hi Goutham,

You also asked this in the helpdesk; please don’t open two threads on the same topic in the future as it wastes our team’s time.

I explained in detail there so let me know either (not both!) here or there if you need more advice.

Oh sorry about that. I saw that the email directed me to the forums upon replying.

Hi @Goutham, welcome to the forums! :wave:t6: I’m glad our team can be of help.