reCaptcha "not a robot" text in a different language

I’m using the reCaptcha integration on a site with all texts in Spanish. I’m trying to find a way to show the “I’m not a robot” text in Spanish.

Things I have tried/found:

  • reCaptcha docs say I should include hl in the URL of the script, but I don’t add this part (Netlify Forms does).
  • The rendered site loads a script recaptcha__en.js from The alternative recaptcha__es.js script seems to have the copy I’m looking for.
  • I’m using Jekyll and already tried changing the lang value in _config.yml. But does not have any effect.

Thanks in advance for any ideas in this topic.

Perhaps this section of the docs helps? I think you can customize only what is described here, not sure if that will work for language purposes:

Is there a way of requesting this? I want to use the paid version of netlify forms on multi-lingual sites and this is not good for the UX.

neetso, can you create a new feature request post here: #features and describe why what we have currently doesn’t meet your needs? As much detail as possible, that helps us make the case that this will benefit other users too, then we are most likely to get some traction with this request!