Real-time function log is empty

My netlify functions produce log entries that can be seen on the “Function log” in my site’s dashboard, but only when viewing by “Last hour”, “Last 2 hrs”, etc. When viewing “Real-time”, all I see is the spinning cursor, but nothing else. Am I misunderstanding something?

Hey there, @paulrudy :wave:

Thanks so much for reaching out! Can you share the functions log you are looking at as well as your netlify site ID? Thanks!

Hi @hillary , thanks. My netlify site id is 95cd4a96-bebb-47ab-9f29-8c16b36c38aa and the functions log is schedule-to-subscribe

Thanks for following up! Using the ID you shared, I can confirm that I am seeing the same thing when I check your logs on my end.

Function logs last only 1 hour after invocation. I suspect your last invocation was more than an hour ago. If you execute the function again, do you see logs? If not, please let us know the value of the x-nf-request-id http response header, which you can get as described in this article:

Hi, thanks and sorry for the delayed reply.

No, when I activate the function while watching real-time logs, nothing shows up, but when I switch to “last hour”, I see the latest logs.

Here’s the header from the most recent request: 01GGTBSBYHR2ZQW5C4M48RD5BD

Edit: here’s a new one in case the previous one is no longer saved: 01GGVPQFA2HAR9KVWQ0FK29ZVW

@hillary are you still interested in troubleshooting this?

recent x-nf-request-id header: 01GGZE7M8A6WTVJ0PEFYDM3JK4

Hey @paulrudy,

It looks like, we’re having some issues seeing any function logs for our users using our special accounts, so we’re unable to confirm the problem for you now.

We have confirmed that a user should be able to view their function logs, so we would still like to investigate why you’re not able to see yours. But since this functionality is currently broken for us, we can’t check for sure.

Please bear with us while we get everything sorted.


Hello, any progress on the issues you were having with function logs?

Hey there, @paulrudy :wave:

Thanks for your patience here. We have escalated this to the appropriate engineering team to look into this further.

While they dig into this further, can you try creating a different site with the same codebase? Does the error persist?

Lastly, in the interim, please reference “last hour” for your logs so that you can see the appropriate information.

Thanks. I created another, bare-bones site with one simple test function that logs to the console, and it suffers from the same problem—nothing on “real-time” logs, but entries are visible on “last hour”, etc.

I’ll wait for any updates from your end.

Thanks for checking @paulrudy! While you were testing, we’ve already escalated this to the devs and are waiting for their feedback as this seems to be happening only with your sites at the moment.

Hey @paulrudy,

This should now be fixed. Could you confirm?

Hi @hrishikesh , I apologize for the delayed reply. I hadn’t notice the notification.

Yes, it’s fixed. Thank you!

Hi @paulrudy, welcome back to the forums! We are so glad you’re here.:netliconfetti: Thanks for coming back and confirming Hrishikesh solved your issue. We really appreciate the feedback. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: