React video app freezing when deployed to Netlify

hey ,

my react app is working perfectly fine in my local system but after deploying on netlify it is not working as expected . when i am clicking on playlist button then whole app is getting freezed .

This is the link of app :

github link : GitHub - bipin7yadav/Video_Library

please suggest something ASAP

Hey @bipin7yadav

I’ve moved your post to a new thread as I don’t believe it is related to the thread you posted on originally.

I have looked at the app you have deployed and don’t see any “freezing”.

Can you explain/show the steps required to replicate the issue, including the browser used.

when i go on single video page and try to click to playlist which is next to like button. Then the whole app freezes

Appears there is an issue with the POST request to YouTube

but it is working on my local system plus iIam not sending any post request when that button is clicked.

I don’t believe this is anything to do with Netlify. It is often the case that APIs permit the use of localhost without the same restriction as when deployed to an actual domain (like

Questions about what is happening here are likely better suited to Google Developer specific forum, or somewhere like Stack Overflow.

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Anyway , thanks for your time.

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