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React Routes not working while building with Craco Build

I am new to React and I used React Router for routes in my application and craco build to build my application (using TailwindCSS), for some reason the root works as expected, but the routes don’t work and it shows 404. Please help me with this. Take a look: https://react.avisbeastdev.ml/
The route I setup is React App, that works in my dev server, but doesn’t work on netlify deploy/build.

Please help me with this issue :slight_smile: thank you

Welcome to the forums @AvIsBeastMC

If you are using React router (guessing you are) have a look at this blog post Deploy React Apps in less than 30 Seconds | Netlify.


the issue has been resolved by using HashRouter instead of BrowserRouter, thank you so much for your help! @coelmay