[React on Netlify] How to change the API host path in production

Hello! I have a React app deployed at https://cbv3.netlify.apps, and it’s talking to an API backend that’s deployed elsewhere. I’m trying to figure out how to make sure my

      .post('/api/v1/auth/registration/', data)

request at https://cbv3.netlify.apps talks to my API hosted at https://api-staging.codebuddies.org/api/v1/auth/registration/ instead of talking to https://cbv3.netlify.apps/api/v1/auth/registration/.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

Why not use the absolute URL like you mentioned above?

If you use a relative URL in your code, the browser will always look for that path relative to your domain.

@hrishikesh Thanks for responding! The reason I don’t want to use the absolute URL is because I want to separate out development work between dev and prod.

When I pull down the repo to play with it, I want the data POSTing to my local http://localhost:8000.

However, when the app is deployed on netlify, I want the data POSTing to the production URL.

Then you need to use environment variables. https://answers.netlify.com/t/support-guide-using-environment-variables-on-netlify-correctly/