React multiple custom domains to 1 site

I would like to handle multiple domains with the same react app

Say I have a, and I want to point them to the same react app. I have created these 2 domains as aliases to my site. The requirement is that they will have their own look , feel and and data - pulled from the DB. How can this be accomplished.

If I want to have about 1,000 of these custom domains, what are my design considerations? I read the recommendation is 50 domains per site?

I’d recommend you to have as your setup instead. That would give you unlimited subdomains if you meet certain requirements. If this approach works for you, we can discuss further.

But if you wish to use, then you get a maximum of 100 domains for a site. If you add as well as, then as you can imagine, you’d only really get 50 domains.

I would still go with How can I accomplish this with a single React app?

I was just curious about the 1000 of custom domains…not a requirement

Simply add it as a domain alias in site settings and you’re done. Your customers would have to use the same DNS setup you’d use for the apex domain.

so JS window.location.hostname will resolve to, etc.