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React application loads fine on desktop, but partially loads on mobile

I have a relatively simple react application that I just deployed (via drag and drop).



It works perfectly fine on my desktop computer, but when I try to load it on my iphone, it does not seem to load. My background image loads (as if it is not optimized for mobile, which it is) but my navigation, footer and the rest of the content fails to load. This occurs in Safari as well as google Chrome. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @ewrjontan,

I don’t have an iPhone to test and it seems to work fine on Android.

However, a side note: The link you posted above leads to 404 if clicked directly. One needs to go to the /. This is a common problem with React and you’d need to add the following redirect rule:

/* /index.html 200.

Good call. I never even checked how it looked on android and I ended up having to fix some layout issues. I ended up fixing the issue. Turns out I have a regular expression (look behind) that doesn’t work with ios so I ended up changing my expression and all is well. THanks!