React App successfully deployed on Netlify, but with date errors

Hi, I have a React App that works fine locally. However, after deploying to Netlify, incorrect dates are displayed:

The working files can be downloaded here. The site with date errors is:

Hey there, @ask4physics

Thanks for reaching out. Can you elaborate on what you mean by “the working files?”

Can you share a screenshot of the site working locally? Additionally, can your share your repo with the code for this site?

Thank you!

hello Hillary,

“the working files” refer to the React Application files which can be run on my local machine using the command npm start

A screenshot of the app running on localhost port 3000 can be found below:

My forked repository can be located via the following link:

Hi, @ask4physics. That is comparing apps to oranges though as there is no way to run npm start at Netlify. This implies there will be a server running which isn’t possible at Netlify:

If there are any questions that support guide doesn’t answer, please let us know.

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