React app has a build file after running npm run build. NETLIFY IS RENDERING THE INDEX.HTML THAT IS IN THE BUILD FILE . please help

Hi . I just finished creating a HUGE PROJECT with browser routes n stuff…so routes are predefined.On opening the app , i expect it to show a specific page , which is present in root/src/component/signin.js , but the page that is rendered, is root/build/index.html . Where am I going wrong ? please help

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hi @vsvt2000 -

unfortunately we don’t have enough information here to assist. Which site is this? which framework are you using? what have you already tried?

Hi perry . Thanks for the response. I solved it by creating a new react app , and merging my files accordingly . I have made use of React Routes . I hadnt used App.js as the starting file in my old repo, so it was the root cause of the problem . The new app works fine . Nice of you to check on it. .

Thanks ,


Glad to hear you found a solution-- thanks for keeping the Forums updated :netliconfetti: